Co-branding with LogMeIn

At LogMeIn, we’re on a mission to unlock the potential of the modern remote workforce. And we can’t do it alone. We partner with best-in-class people to bring our technology, solutions and knowledge to our customers around the globe.

As we collaborate with like-minded agencies, technology partners, individuals and organizations, we frequently produce joint or co-branded communications, from press releases and research to events, endorsements, case studies and marketing campaigns. As brand building is a shared endeavor, it’s in our best interest to protect the LogMeIn brand from misuse, dilution, misappropriation or confusion out there in the world.

Branding with Purpose

We take branding seriously, so we ask our LogMeIn community – from our employees to customers and technology and business partners alike – to ensure that the brand is treated properly. Our LogMeIn Corporate Communications, Global Brand & Creative and Legal teams have set a standard criteria for joint and co-branded communications.

You’re likely here because you’d like to leverage or partner with LogMeIn, with a request potentially including but not limited to:

  • Co-branded logo lockups
  • Sponsorship
  • Case studies & testimonials
  • Press releases
  • Research
  • Vendor web placement

Our team considers the following questions when making decisions on co-branding:

  • What is the intended use case?
  • What is the mission of the company and/or objective of the communication or event?
  • Does your company and/or event have a political affiliation?
  • Is this a public endorsement for something that might be considered a competitive advantage or otherwise sensitive information?
  • Has there been any past or present negative media coverage for the company and/or event?
  • Is there a dual benefit?
  • Is the company providing a service or product for LogMeIn? What is the tenure of that relationship, and was co-branding a part of our contract?
  • In what channels and markets will this communication appear? For how long?

Submitting Your Request

With these questions in mind, please submit your request by emailing and providing the following information:

  • A detailed description of your specific request.
  • An overview of your company and your relationship to LogMeIn and/or our products.
  • A list of the intended communications channels and timeframe.
  • Your contact info.

Our Corporate Communications and Global Brand & Creative teams will review and respond to all requests, and where appropriate, provide logo artwork files and brand guidelines.