Welcome! This page is your source for LogMeIn’s sales contract terms, supporting documents, and related policies, as well as other legal resources.


  • Terms of Service: apply to the purchase of our service offerings by all customers through any of our contracting entities. You may find the documents and policies linked to or referenced in the standard Terms of Service below.
  • Contracting Entity Table: provides the applicable contracting entity for your purchase, contact information, and governing law.
  • Service Descriptions: provides a general description of each service and any additional service-specific terms that may apply to your purchase.
  • Professional Services Terms and Conditions: provide the terms under which we may provide certain professional services to our customers, subject to an agreed-upon statement of work.
  • Data Processing Addendum (DPA) – also available in German: provides the privacy and data protection terms and conditions which govern our processing of Personal Data on our customers’ behalf as a service provider and data processor. The DPA incorporates terms specific to the GDPR, including the Standard Contractual Clauses (also known as SCCs or Model Clauses), CCPA-specific provisions (including a “no sale” clause), and other robust, market-leading, safeguards and assurances.
    We also have sample copies available for download and review in English and German.
  • Privacy Policy: explains what personal data we collect from visitors to the LogMeIn websites and/or properties and how we can use any such personal data.
  • Branding Guidelines: provides guidance on the correct use of our trademarks and branding.
  • Regional Supplement: addresses additional regulatory requirements in various geographies with regard to the provision of applicable telecommunications services.


With users in nearly every country around the world, we are committed to implementing and maintaining a global data privacy and security program designed to protect personal and confidential information. You can visit our Trust & Privacy Center for more information. Some of the helpful resources available include:

  • A high-level overview of the program;
  • Third-party certifications, reports, and voluntary framework participations;
  • Data processing locations and Sub-processor Disclosures; and
  • The ability to subscribe to receive notification of any new sub-processors.
  • Security and Privacy Operational Controls or “SPOC” documentation, which provides encryption use and standards, retention periods, and other helpful product-level information.

Be sure to visit the Trust & Privacy Center’s Product Resources page to review any service- or suite-specific documentation, certifications, and disclosures.



  • Contractual notices should be sent to us at the address for your applicable contracting entity, with a copy to LogMeIn USA, Inc.’s Legal Department, 333 Summer Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02210 USA.
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice: We have adopted and implemented a notice-and-takedown procedure for copyright owners whose copyrighted work(s) appear on our websites without permission. For details please see the DMCA Notice.


  • Anti-Spam Policy: We prohibit the use of our products and services in any manner associated with the transmission, distribution and delivery of spam.
  • Code of Business Conduct: Our Code of Business Conduct guides our employees on their ethical and legal responsibilities.
  • Code of Practice – UK, Ireland, and Australia: These codes of practice provide additional region-specific information about obtaining additional support for our applicable telecommunications services.
  • Open Source Software Disclosure: Certain of our cloud-based services include third-party code licensed to us. This document sets for a list of disclosures and disclaimers related to inclusion of such open source licensed software.
  • Prevention of Modern Slavery Statement: This sets out our approach to understanding all potential modern slavery risks related to our business, and our actions to mitigate such risks.
  • Trademark and Other Intellectual Property Information: This page provides branding and marketing guidelines to answer common questions about the correct use of our marks, including how to identify the correct form for those marks, properly give trademark notice using the ™ and ® designations, and appropriately attribute them.
  • Government Request Policy: This document provides an overview of how LogMeIn receives, handles, and responds to requests from the government for customer information.