What is Remote Support Software?

Remote support tools are widely used across IT Help Desks and customer support teams to provide access to an end-user’s machine or mobile device. These tools give technicians the ability to remotely resolve issues as quickly as possible without the need for travel from the support agent or end user. Most remote support software solutions provide features like file transfer, desktop sharing, chat, and unattended access.

Remote support tools provide increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction by allowing agents to quickly, easily, and securely solve end-users’ technical support problems.

What is the difference between remote support and remote access?

The fundamental difference between remote access and remote support is the former enables users to remotely access files or any other data securely from their personal devices without the need of a virtual private network (VPN). Remote Support enables technicians to troubleshoot customer issues through a pin number to get access to their device or machine.

Why LogMeIn Rescue Remote Support?

LogMeIn Rescue is optimized for customer care and large teams with complex workflows – requiring advanced features to centrally manage remote support. With Rescue’s rich feature set and banking-grade security, companies can safely deliver best-in-class customer support. It can be tailored and customized to your organization. Rescue customers have seen positive results across the board including: an average increase of 23% first call resolution, a rise of 15 points in their NPS score, and a 10% reduction in average handle time.