Our Offices

With employees located around the globe and offices in some of the world’s greatest cities, LogMeIn is designed to be flexible, modern and team oriented. Whether it’s a home office that allows for greater work-life flexibility or the perks offered in our buildings like coffee bars, outdoor gathering spots, basketball courts, and great collaboration spaces, we accommodate our employees diverse working habits and remote-centric approach to getting work done how, when, and most importantly wherever works best. Our overriding principle: the happier our employees, the more productive they will be.

North America: Boston • Lindon • Toronto • Quebec • Montreal
Latin America: Guatemala City • São Paulo • Mexico City
Europe, Middle East, Africa: Dublin • Budapest • Dresden • Karlsruhe • Munich • Herzliya
Asia-Pacific: Bangalore • Sydney
Your Home Office: 3,500+ remote locations around the globe
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