What's Remote File Transfer?

There are lots of ways to access files remotely these days, but one of the most effective methods is still through remote file transfer software. These tools let you connect directly to a remote desktop, where you can transfer files by simply dragging and dropping.

Keep Work Close at Hand

Remote file access means no more forgotten files or trying to email yourself attachments that are too large. Quickly and securely log into your remote desktop.

Transfer Large Files Easily

Need to move a huge project file between work computers or mobile devices? Remote file transfer software makes it simple without file-size restrictions. 

Share Files With Others

Remote file transfer software can even create links that allow friends or colleagues to securely download files directly from your computer.

Why LogMeIn?

A leader in remote file access for over 10 years, LogMeIn was built to help professionals and small business owners get work done from anywhere. The simple-to-use solution provides anytime access to all your devices and applications – not just your files.

  • Connect to a remote desktop and control it like you were there
  • Remotely transfer files between computers with drag-and-drop
  • Create links for direct downloads or upload files for online storage

Remote File Transfer Features You Can Rely On.


File Transfer

Move files and folders easily from your remote desktop to your local computer.

File Syncing

Update selected folders between computers so that their contents are the same.

Direct File Sharing

Let people download files right from your desktop with simple-to-share links.

Online File Storage

Back up your files online and access them anywhere with 1TB of file storage.

Remote Control

Access and work on your remote computer as if you were sitting at the keyboard.

Mobile Access

Get LogMeIn for iOS and Android to remotely access files from your mobile device.

Plus Many More...

  • Desktop Sharing
  • Screen Blanking
  • Keyboard Locking
  • Remote Printing
  • Remote Sound
  • HD Color Quality
  • Wake on LAN
  • Multi-Monitor Display
  • User Access Control
  • Session Reporting

How to Transfer Files Remotely.

1. Start a Free Trial

Start your free trial of LogMeIn Pro to get started – no credit card needed. 

2. Install LogMeIn

While still on your office desktop, sign in and click Add Computer. Then leave the computer online.

3. Transfer Your Files

Next time you need a file, connect to your computer at www.logmein.com and drag it over to your local desktop.

Seamless Remote Access. Secure File Transfer.

Your files are yours, so we’ve made sure they’re never at risk of falling into the wrong hands. LogMeIn comes with 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication and more built in.

Learn more about our security measures.


Get Started Today.

Connect to your computer and access your files in seconds with remote file transfer software from LogMeIn.