What is Screen Sharing?

There are many screen sharing apps available to choose from, and each serves slightly different purposes. At its core, screen sharing software lets you show your computer screen to anyone online, but many solutions take the next step by specializing in online meetings, remote support, or even just simple instruction.


Get Help Fast for Issues

If you’re struggling with a computer problem, a screen sharing app can connect you with someone you trust to quickly take control and fix the issue.


Share Your Work

Why tell when you can show? Screen sharing software gives you the ability to present on your Mac or Windows computer from anywhere and collaborate with your fellow colleagues in real time.


Show People What to Do

Training a remote colleague is much easier when you can walk them through it with screen sharing – just as if they sitting right next to you!

Why LogMeIn?

A market leader in remote screen sharing, access, and support for over a decade, LogMeIn is the preferred choice for small to medium-sized businesses. Take advantage of the most secure, reliable and intuitive, platform used by millions to share your screen with confidence.

  • Invite another person to view your desktop in seconds
  • Give co-workers permission to remotely control your computer
  • Improve productivity with a streamlined, easy-to-use toolset

Simple Screen Sharing and Remote Access Features.


Desktop Sharing

Securely share your Windows or Mac computer screen with anyone.


Remote Control

Let a trusted friend or colleague take control of your keyboard and mouse remotely.


File Storage and Sharing

Store up to 1TB of data in the cloud and share large files with ease.


Multi-Monitor Display

Show all of your computer monitors simultaneously while desktop sharing.


Whiteboard Drawing

Use presentation tools to highlight items of interest on your screen.


User Access Control

Allow others to access your computers remotely with customizable permissions.

Plus Many More...

  • Remote Access
  • Keyboard Locking
  • Recording
  • Clipboard Sync
  • HD Color Quality
  • Remote Sound
  • Wake on LAN
  • Session Recording

How to Share Your Desktop.

1. Start a Free Trial

Start your free trial of LogMeIn Pro. No credit card needed.

2. Install LogMeIn

While sitting at the computer you want to share, www.logmein.com and click Add Computer.

3. Send an Invitation

From the LogMeIn icon, click Share My Desktop and send the invitation.

Screen Sharing Software Built With Security in Mind.

At LogMeIn, we're committed to keeping your business data confidential. We've incorporated independent security audits and industry-standard protocols into all our services.

Learn more about our security measures.


Ready to Screen Share?

Whether you need a screen sharing app for meetings, support, or more, LogMeIn can help.