Fast, secure remote administration from anywhere

Control and maintain computers remotely over local area network

Fast, secure remote control

Remote computer interface provides live visual duplicate of user’s network or PC desktop and file structure. Check email, access files and work network.

On premise solution

An on premise solution for those businesses that do not want to use the cloud, allowing you to meet your security/compliance requirements.

Network Console for proactive monitoring

The perfect tool for system administrators to more easily control, access and monitor the computers they support.

Приложение LogMeIn можно загрузить из указанных магазинов, а также для перечисленных ниже операционных систем.

Remote Control

Fast, reliable access to your network or PC desktop and file structure.

Background Access

Access user machines without interrupting their work.

File Transfer

Easily transfer files and folders between local and remotely accessed computers.

SSH Access

Operate your network services securely over an unsecured network with SSH.

ODBC Logging

Securely manage SQL Server Databases with OBDC logging.

FTP Server

Highly configurable and incredibly stable File Transfer Protocol.