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A proactive approach to IT management beats a reactive one. To stay on top of issues before they occur, it is essential to ensure you are using the best tools at your disposal. Central’s Automation module allows you to automate manual tasks and set custom alerts - saving you and your team hours each day.

For a full list of the features included in Automation, see our Features & Benefits overview

Actively protect yourself

Set up, monitor and act by customizing real-time proactive and self-healing alerts on system and endpoint status.

Automate routine tasks

Utilize advanced One2Many scripting to install software, distribute files, run scripts and automate manual tasks across multiple computers at once

Repair your systems in the background

Allow common problems to solve themselves by creating self-healing alerts integrated into your Central dashboard

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Our customers are putting Central to work so they can take back their time and focus on other mission-critical initiatives


Unique One2Many Scripts written

8.8 Million

Proactive Alerts created


Self-Healing Alerts Created

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LogMeIn Central One2Many

One2Many is Central’s powerful automated task management that allows you to Install software, distribute files, run scripts and automate manual tasks across multiple computers simultaneously

Learn more about One2Many here

Take an in-depth look at One2Many here

Install Updates

Automatically, or scheduled ahead of time based on your endpoints’ needs

Execute Complex Administrative Jobs

Take back your time from frustrating tasks by automating routine processes

Distribute Files

Mass or individually deploy to destination folders on select endpoints

Remote Command

Edit plans, add comments, and create commands from anywhere

Update Registry Settings

Apply exported .REG files to a group of computers

Run a Batch File or Executable

Add windows or LogMeIn specific environment variables for added customization

Customizable Alerts to Fit Your Needs

Set up, track and act on custom alerts to monitor computer health and resolve concerns before they become problems. With LogMeIn Central, you can assign a specific alert to certain machines and receive a notification when the alert is triggered.

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Our Customer Success Stories

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The IT team at Rug Doctor, LLC utilizes One2Many to automatically update multiple systems simultaneously and the advanced reporting functionality to stay on top of user logs and software deployment.

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NextLED logo.

NextLED utilizes Central Automation’s Alerting functionality, both proactive and self-healing, to stay aware of endpoint issues and respond to them in real-time without having to physically be there.

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Au Bon Pain logo.

With LogMeIn Central, Clevespace Interactive can group and organize clients, and deploy LogMeIn hosts across endpoints for remote, proactive maintenance utilizing One2Many and Alerts.

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Customize your LogMeIn Central subscription to fit the needs of your organization. Whether you need to mitigate the risk of cyber-threats, enable business critical IT automation, or gain better visibility into your endpoint infrastructure, LogMeIn Central offers functionality options to meet your needs.

Central Base Plan

The most reliable RMM solution comes with HD remote access, the ability to manage users and devices, background access, file transfer, mobile access and much more.

Learn more about the Central Base plan

Security Module

Keep your endpoint infrastructure protected with critical Windows and third-party application updates, and integrated LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender.

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Insight Module

Keep a constant pulse on your endpoint infrastructure with asset management, hardware and software inventory, and advanced reporting in a single pane of glass view.

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