What's Computer Management?

Computer management is more than just a set of administrative tools for PCs. Computer management, also called desktop management, refers to a key responsibility for IT teams and MSPs. They must ensure their workstations are running around the clock. To that end, computer management software can simplify their job by making it easy to track, update and protect all their systems from one location.

Greater User Productivity

Computer management software helps you remotely patch and maintain your Mac and PC desktops so end users never experience downtime.

Stronger System Security

Third-party applications and anti-virus programs are a cinch to update with remote system management software. You can even automate the process.

Fewer IT Tools

A complete computer management solution includes features for alerting, monitoring, remote support and more, so you can consolidate your IT toolset.

Why LogMeIn?

LogMeIn has been a leader in computer management for more than a decade. With multiple solutions and plans to choose from, you can easily equip your IT team with the tools they need to keep your computers – and your business – in good shape.

  • Remotely manage, update and safeguard your computers
  • Connect to end user desktops to provide support when necessary
  • Deploy updates for Windows and automate common tasks
  • Track system health, installed software and more

All the Computer Management Features You'll Need.


Windows Updates

Centrally manage, schedule and view your Windows update status across computers.

Anti-Virus Manager

Easily monitor and manage anti-virus software, view threat lists and initiate scans.

Application Updates

Quickly identify vulnerable third-party applications and automatically deploy patches.

Advanced Reporting

Analyze account activity, audit computer security and customize reports based on your needs.

Alerts & Monitoring

Receive critical endpoint system alerts in real time and address issues before they occur.

Automated Task Management

Install software, distribute files and run scripts for proactive support of your computers.

Plus Many More...

  • Self-Healing Alerts
  • Computer Inventory
  • Ad Hoc Support
  • User Management
  • Mobile Apps
  • Remote Access
  • Background Access
  • Multi-Monitor Display
  • File Transfer
  • Host Preference Packages

How to Remotely Manage Your Computers.

1. Start a Free Trial

Start a free trial of LogMeIn Central to get started – no credit card needed.

2. Deploy LogMeIn

Create an installation package in LogMeIn Central and deploy it to your computers.

3. Maintain Control Anywhere

Check statuses, automate tasks and connect instantly to keep everything up and running.

Have Confidence in Your Computer Security.

When it comes to computer and desktop management, security is paramount. That’s why we’ve built 256-bit SSL encryption, intrusion filters, two-step verification and more into our products.

Get the details in our LogMeIn Security Whitepaper.


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