What is Software Deployment?

Installing and updating software is a key task for IT teams, big or small. But as their business grows, things can quickly become difficult. How do you manage software when you have thousands of systems in your network? Software deployment tools are the answer. These apps can help you remotely install software on every computer simultaneously.

Save Time on Installs

Remote deployment software eliminates the need for you to manually update computers one by one, giving you more time back to get work done.

Stay in Control as You Scale

When your company has multiple offices, remote software deployment is a virtual necessity. Install everything from one central location – yours.

Enforce System Security

A remote installer tool can help you eliminate vulnerabilities in your network by keeping your software up to date with the latest security patches.

Why LogMeIn?

LogMeIn is trusted by IT teams worldwide for remote software deployment and much more. A market leader in many SaaS solutions, LogMeIn partners closely with customers to ensure they find an answer to their business needs and unlock their full potential.

  • Remotely install software on multiple computers at the same time
  • Execute additional commands or run a batch file with ease 
  • Automate software deployment and updates to save time
  • Empower end users to stay productive from anywhere

Useful Features for Remote Software Deployment


Remote Installer

Create automated tasks that package up and deploy MSI files to install software.

Application Updates

Automatically monitor and deploy software patches to third-party solutions.

Windows Updates

Centrally manage and schedule updates for Windows computers and servers.

Anti-Virus Manager

Easily scan for issues and maintain anti-virus software with the most current threat lists.

Alerts & Monitoring

Get system alerts in real time and resolve issues before they become problems.

Advanced Reporting

Drill down with detailed reports on installed applications and their software history.

Plus Many More...

  • Background Access
  • Ad Hoc Support
  • User Management
  • Mobile Apps
  • Multi-Monitor Display
  • Computer Inventory
  • Remote Access
  • Self-Healing Alerts
  • File Transfer
  • Host Preference Packages

How to remotely Install Software.

1. Start a Free Trial

Start a free trial of LogMeIn Central to get started – no credit card needed.

2. Install LogMeIn

From the LogMeIn deployment page, choose an installation method to add computers to your account.

3. Deploy Software

On the One2Many > Tasks page, select Install, upload resources and choose when and where to deploy. That’s it!

Remote Deployment Software With Built-In Security.

Installing the latest software helps guard against data breaches, but that’s not enough. You should also make sure the software deployment tools themselves are secure.

Learn more about our security measures


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