LogMeIn Central Insight Module

Gain better visibility into your endpoint infrastructure

View all software, hardware, and system inventory data to track changes, pin-point errors, troubleshoot quickly, and always have a game plan

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Uncover trends, develop reports, and understand your endpoints

We are continuously looking for ways to better understand the trends behind what we do as IT professionals. Equally as important is knowing your endpoints in an out, and Insight helps you do just that. Easily share usage and account activity including Windows Updates, virus threats, OS type, disk space status, remote control sessions, alerts, and more

Gain Greater Insight

View and report on your entire IT infrastructure to keep a pulse on your critical systems

Secure and Manage Your Assets

Identify installed software to ensure endpoints are always up to date, pinpoint unauthorized devices connected to your network, and boost your security

Understand Your Infrastructure

Perform Computer and Inventory Audits instantly to monitor endpoint inventory with ease and track system inventory over time

Data-Driven Reporting for your IT Needs

World-class software with a wide array of features and options to customize how you understand your endpoints

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Proactive Alerts

Monitor computer health, software and hardware changes so you can act on alerts to resolve concerns before they become problems

Computer Audit and Inventory

Instantly view and report on your IT infrastructure to monitor critical systems, track and monitor endpoint inventory, and compare historical data points

Dashboard View

Gain a single pane of glass view into remote access sessions

Asset Management

Manage software inventory by identifying what is installed on each machine to boost security and take swift action if needed, confirm software versions, and pinpoint unauthorized devices connected to computers


Analyze the data that matters most such as inventory, CPU usage, and installed software by creating customized reports at the hardware, software, and systems-level

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Take a deeper dive into our Advanced Reporting functionality included in LogMeIn Central's Insight Module

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“Managing over 1,500 kiosks was becoming unwieldy and overwhelming. We needed a tool to provide visibility, troubleshoot customer issues, and provide security and control… I can’t imagine life without it.”

– Christopher Chambers, Network Operations Manager, ZoomSystems Read the full story
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RugDoctor utilizes advanced reporting functionality to stay on top of user logs, software deployment, length of each session and the users who accessed each machine – saving them time and resources in the long run.

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Customize your LogMeIn Central subscription to fit the needs of your organization. Whether you need to mitigate the risk of cyber-threats, enable business critical IT automation, or gain better visibility into your endpoint infrastructure, LogMeIn Central offers functionality options to meet your needs.

Central Base Plan

The most reliable RMM solution comes with HD remote access, the ability to manage users and devices, background access, file transfer, mobile access and much more.

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Security Module

Keep your endpoint infrastructure protected with critical Windows and third-party application updates, and integrated LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender.

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Automation Module

Automate routine IT tasks to increase productivity and optimize resource allocation through command line and PowerShell scripting, customizable alerts and more.

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