With your customers, everything is mission critical.

When it comes to your clients, every minute counts. Save time and money by keeping your service provider business up and running 24/7/365.


Keep Organized

Group computers and users by customer, vertical, region, and more.


Gather Data

Report on inventory, CPU usage, installed software, and other important tasks.


Proactive Support

Push third party patches and Windows updates with ease.

Make your tools work for you.

Grow your business while saving time and money on internal resources, with reliable automation and monitoring.

  • Eliminate site visits by supporting clients remotely
  • Support prospects without paying for or deploying new software
  • Offer remote access as an additional service; not only for support.

Trusted by top companies.


Central allowed Gable to reduce the 10 minutes required to perform a manual update on one machine to less than 10 minutes to update 100 devices.


Central improves business productivity by 6x for Clevespace: On Patch Tuesday one technician updates 120 endpoints vs. 20-30 per night.


Through Central, NextLED is alerted when a sign is down, or when there’s a potential issue arising, allowing them to proactively identify and resolve potential problems.


Technology & Beyond reached 95% remote remediation and reduced costs on vehicles, fuel, insurance, labor hours, and travel time with LogMeIn Central.


The protection and security your business deserves.

Anti-Virus software is now integrated into LogMeIn’s Central Premier Plan – providing protection over your privacy and data from malware, ransomware, and sophisticated online threats.



Learn how other Managed Service Providers use LogMeIn Central for better IT management.

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