Stay in control - from anywhere.

Whether your IT team is a one-man show or a full team, keeping organized and on top of tasks is critical to success. Stay in control with Central with the ability to:



Gather Data

Report on inventory, CPU usage, installed software, and other important tasks.

Resolve Issues

Troubleshoot without interrupting end users.



  • コンピュータを部門、場所、機能別に整理
  • CPU 使用率、ストレージ、メモリに関する各種レポートを自動で取得
  • ディスク容量、オンライン/オフライン システム、ソフトウェア アラートを表示

Trusted by top companies.

As a loyal customer for over a decade, Chicago Symphony Orchestra relies on cost savings on licensing and hardware, and decreased IT time spent on each support request.

LogMeIn Central’s management tools and reliable remote control have optimized Aramark’s ability to keep their market centers updated and online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


LogMeIn’s Central Premier プランの一部として、アンチウイルス ソフトウェアの提供を開始いたしました。プライバシーとデータをマルウェア、ランサムウェア、オンラインの高度な脅威から保護します。


Learn to do more in less time with this LogMeIn Central IT focused video.

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Learn how this global company keeps their manufacturers and warehouses up and running 24/7.

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See how a long-time customer relies on Central to keep an entire orchestra up and running.

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