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Empowering your employees to work remotely. LogMeIn has long created innovative products that power remote work for people all around the globe. You can count on best-in-class remote access and communication, even when working conditions are unpredictable or unexpected.

Starting immediately, we will provide critical front-line service providers, including eligible healthcare providers, educational institutions, municipalities, and non-profit organizations as well as any current LogMeIn customer with free, organization-wide use of many LogMeIn products for 3 months through the availability of Emergency Remote Work Kits.

  • LogMeIn Pro, Central and GoToMyPC
    • When VPNs become over-loaded or your employees don’t have the option to take their work home with them, secure remote access is the best solution.
    • Ensure all of your employees are able to remotely access their work computers from home from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • RescueAssist
    • Resolve technical issues by delivering web-based support to customers, end users, unattended computers and servers.
  • GoToMeeting
    • Maintain productivity with instant, reliable face-to-face collaboration that’s by your side wherever you join from – desktop, web, or mobile.
  • GoToWebinar
    • Deliver powerful presentations for remote teams with up to 3,000 attendees – perfect for all-hands meetings or company-wide announcements.

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