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In 2003, LogMeIn began pioneering remote work technology. Our mission was to help people and businesses do their best work, simply and securely—on any device, from any location, and at any time. 

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The work-from-anywhere company before work-from-anywhere was a thing.

Powered by category-defining products like GoTo, LastPass, Rescue, Central and more, LogMeIn has become one of the world’s largest SaaS companies with tens of millions of active users, more than 3,500 global employees, over $1.3 billion in annual revenue and approximately 2 million customers in over 190 countries.

Today, LogMeIn is the trusted partner for companies of all sizes to connect, collaborate, secure their workforces, and support employees and customers. Our portfolio of essential products helps you:

  • Enable flex, hybrid, and remote work policies, keeping your employees happier, safer, and more productive 
  • Guarantee business continuity in the face of disruptions, with teams and operations running 
  • Accelerating your ability to hit sustainability goals, while reducing costs 
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The future of work is now.

What we’re all experiencing today is not a short-lived remote work experiment. It’s the next big phase of a workplace revolution. Going forward, we expect people will: 

  • Be less tethered to offices
  • Work more flexible hours 
  • Spend less time commuting and on business travel
  • Depend less on company-provided hardware and instead embrace bring your own device (BYOD)

Of course, any change comes with challenges, and LogMeIn is ready to help you meet them:

  • Your people will require seamless support on demand, not according to a schedule
  • Your company will need better cybersecurity as work-from-anywhere makes perimeters vanish

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that many companies can operate successfully – in fact, more productively and profitably – with a modern, remote workforce. We welcome this new era.


We live the work-from-anywhere life, too

At LogMeIn, our diverse community of employees is living our mission every day, developing innovative ideas to unlock potential and build a better world for all.

We’re a remote-centric workplace with teams collaborating across the globe. We understand our customers’ challenges. We use our own products to power our connectivity, productivity, and security, enabling flexible work so our employees can live more balanced, healthy lives. 

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