No matter the size, successful companies run on LogMeIn products

Internal IT

Whether you’re evaluating software for your IT team or for your company, LogMeIn offers world-renowned solutions in Identity and Access Management and Support. Combine proactive and reactive remote support with password management/identity to secure your endpoints, employees, and passwords.

Reduce Security Risk

Mitigating the risk of cyber threats is a top concern for all IT professionals. Protect your customers and employees.

Increase Productivity

Remotely access, manage, and support computers from one location – yours. Eliminate the need for onsite visits, and manual installs.

Enhance Time and Cost Savings

Automate routine IT tasks, resolve IT support problems quickly and seamlessly, and eliminate password reset tickets.

LogMeIn Pro

Provide anywhere, anytime access to all your devices, files, applications and information.

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LogMeIn Central

Mitigate the risk of cyber threats and proactively solve concerns before they become problems.

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Deliver instant remote access from anywhere via any remote computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

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Stop wasting time writing down, remembering and resetting passwords with the LastPass vault.

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Industry-leading reliability and simplicity ensures every meeting and call is flawless. LogMeIn products offer plenty of features that can take your sales pitch to perfection. Collaborate seamlessly with crystal clear audio – anytime, any place.

Plans for every business size

With several plans to choose from, there's an affordable, feature rich, option for everyone.

A solution that scales with you

Don't worry about limits. LogMeIn’s upgraded plans allow you to take advantage of higher-tier features.

Proven Productivity

Over 70% of customers agreed that LogMeIn products improve communication and increase productivity.


The Jive business phone system and GoToMeeting together in one powerful, unified product.

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Online meeting software for millions to communicate and collaborate on any device, anywhere.

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No matter the device, solve every problem seamlessly and securely with remote support software for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and more. Connect in seconds, helping to increase client satisfaction and decrease support costs.

Connect. Solve. Done.

Forget waiting. Get going and solve the toughest issue with battle-tested speed, scalability and reliability.

Smarter Support

Aggregates session and resolution data in real time so you can monitor and manage your support teams more effectively.

Simply Solved

Simple enough to be seamlessly integrated into any workflow, and quickly adopted by support staff, without breaking a sweat.


Provide remote support that solves every problem seamlessly and securely on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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A conversational chatbot and virtual customer assistant solution to help engage with customers.

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고객, 최종 사용자, 컴퓨터 및 서버에 대한 웹 기반 지원을 제공하여 문제를 해결합니다.

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Rescue Lens

Remotely guide end users through troubleshooting, problem resolution, product setup and more.

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수천만 명의 일일 사용자, 10억 회 이상의 고객 상호 작용 및 매년 200억 분 음성을 지원하는 플랫폼을 갖춘 LogMeIn 제품은 무료로 사용해 볼 수 있으며 현대적인 작업 방식을 제공합니다.

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