Surprising research: Remote work is essential to business success

Has the pandemic taught business anything? As a large proportion of the world’s workforce shifted to a remote structure practically overnight, companies were forced to reexamine everything. In new research conducted by Forrester Consulting for LogMeIn, we found that while there is still much work to be done in creating effective remote work programs, there is an incredible opportunity for organizations to create a competitive differentiator with flexible work.

What we now know:

  • The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the trend towards remote work. 26% of the workforce plans to shift to a remote or hybrid work style within the next two years. And 62% of employees said they are happier when working remotely.
  • There is a disconnect in trust between HR and employees. While 56% of employees say they are more productive when working remotely, only 5% of remote work decision-makers think that remote workers are more productive and 70% say that in-office workers are more trustworthy.
  • Anywhere work programs are hard. They are not something that happens overnight. Organizations should focus on the four pillars of remote work: Structure, Culture, Technology and Compliance.

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