What is Patch Management?

The modern worker relies on many different tools to get their job done. While this is great for user productivity, it complicates security. Each software solution must be kept up to date to ensure every vulnerability is closed. That’s where patch management comes in. It’s the way IT teams keep these solutions current – and their businesses protected.


Gain Greater Insight

Patch managers unearth details about the software on every computer in your IT environment so you can see what’s outdated or at risk in a glance.

Save Time on Security

Automated patch management takes manual labor out of the maintenance equation. Spend your time on strategy instead of updating systems one by one.

Control More Efficiently

Schedule critical software updates for off hours and let your patch management software push them out remotely and automatically.

Why LogMeIn?

When it comes to automated patch management, LogMeIn is a leading choice for IT professionals worldwide. With over 10 years of market leadership, LogMeIn offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing computers remotely and securely.

  • Monitor computers for at-risk software, including Adobe, Java and more
  • Push software updates directly through the LogMeIn dashboard 
  • Perform multiple updates silently without interruption to end users
  • Automate software updates on remote computers to save time

Equipped With the Patch Management Features You Need.

Application Updates

Automatically monitor and deploy software patches to third-party solutions.

Anti-Virus Manager

Easily scan for issues and maintain anti-virus software with the most current threat lists.

Windows Updates

Centrally manage and schedule updates for Windows computers and servers.

Automated Task Management

Create, assign and run tasks for software updates, registry changes or file distribution.

Alerts & Monitoring

Get system alerts in real time and resolve issues before they become problems.

Advanced Reporting

Drill down with detailed reports on installed applications and their software history.

Plus Many More…

  • Background Access
  • Ad Hoc Support
  • User Management
  • Remote Access
  • Self-Healing Alerts
  • Mobile Apps
  • Multi-Monitor Display
  • Computer Inventory
  • File Transfer
  • Host Preference Packages

How to Automate Patch Management.

1. Start a Free Trial

Sign up for a free trial of LogMeIn Central to get started – no credit card needed. Start automating routine tasks today!


2. Deploy LogMeIn

Create an installation package with LogMeIn and choose a deployment method to add endpoints to your account. 

3. Activate Application Updates

In the Updates tab under Applications, select your computers and change the setting to Automatic. That’s it! 

The Secure Solution to Outdated Third-Party Software.

The cyber-threat landscape continues to evolve. To meet the challenge, you need an automated patch management solution that won’t introduce its own vulnerabilities.

Learn more about our security measures.

Get Started Today.

Get a clear view into out-of-date software and automatically deploy patches from anywhere with LogMeIn.