LastPass Delivers Mobile Account Recovery Using Biometric Authentication

New iOS and Android app update allows LastPass users to easily reset a forgotten Master Password

BOSTON, May 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today on World Password Day, LastPass by LogMeIn announced a new update enabling users to easily recover their LastPass account with the LastPass iOS and Android mobile apps. In the event a user forgets their Master Password, the password reset process can be initiated directly from the mobile device after successfully authenticating with the phone's built-in biometric authentication. As a result, the LastPass mobile app provides a simple, end-to-end process to reset the Master Password and regain access to the account.

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According to LastPass data, mobile usage is at an all-time high with more than one third of new LastPass registrations coming from the mobile apps. With Mobile Account Recovery, everything can be done from the mobile app, providing added value to using LastPass on mobile. In addition, LastPass provides Master Password recovery options on desktop that require an email or SMS in order to unlock the recovery capabilities.

“The great thing about using LastPass is that you only have one password to remember, your Master Password, and LastPass does the rest. For security purposes, LastPass was designed in a way that all sensitive data is encrypted locally at the user's device with a key – the Master Password -- which is never shared with us. So, if someone forgets this important key needed to decrypt their vault, there’s not much we can do to help,” said Akos Putz, Principal Product Manager for LastPass. “With Mobile Account Recovery, users now have a secure, self-service way to get back into their accounts.”

Mobile Account Recovery is now available for all users as an optional feature. Users will be prompted to enable this recovery method upon their next login.

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