25 Million People Globally Use LastPass to Secure their Digital Life

BOSTON, Sept. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LogMeIn today announced that LastPass, its industry-leading password management and identity solution has reached a great milestone: 25 million LastPass users around the globe.

A pioneer in the password management space, LastPass was founded on a mission to provide seamless password security for individuals and businesses alike. For over a decade, LastPass has made it easier for thousands of businesses and millions of users to improve their password security and safeguard their digital assets. Today, the company celebrates the 25.6 million users and 70,000 businesses who count on LastPass to simplify and secure their digital lives.

“We've seen some amazing milestones since LastPass launched in 2008 – but growing our community and helping over 25 million users across the globe secure their online lives is our best yet,” said Dan DeMichele, Vice President of Product Management, LastPass at LogMeIn. “From securing our customers transition to remote work, to helping employees go passwordless, to alerting users when their personal information is at risk, we’re dedicated to delivering world class online security no matter how an individual, family or business wants to use LastPass.”

When over 9.7 billion data records globally have been lost or stolen since 2013, using a password manager is vital to securing your digital life. According to LastPass customers on the trusted user review site, G2:

  • “In my opinion, having strong passwords is the basis for proper use of the Internet in these times. I love LastPass because it enables me to control all my passwords without having to remember a million different combinations. I like the ability to integrate with a variety of services.” – Adrian B via G2

  • "LastPass really simplifies the process of setting complex passwords and not having to remember them yourself. In an environment where end users have anywhere from 10 to 25 passwords and all requiring to be secure and changed frequently, we really needed something to simplify and minimize impact for our end users. LastPass does just that, allowing our end users to generate secure passwords for multiple logins and sites while also not requiring them to remember any extra passwords." –  Joel A via G2

  • “I have been using LastPass personally for a number of years and 2 years ago my whole company switched over to LastPass too. It is an invaluable tool for everyone, helping us with keeping our passwords and other sensitive information private and secure, as well as making collaboration a breeze. We simply love LastPass and enjoy using it on day-to-day basis.” – Admin in Telecomm via G2

  • "Generating and handling LastPass passwords is easy and efficient. The password generation choice helps you to acquire a password that satisfies all specifications, including duration and specific characters. I use the corporate app, so I can use my personal details also on my work machine by linking to my own LastPass account.” - Kirstin H via G2

Seeing the need to help customers secure cloud Identity, LogMeIn expanded LastPass beyond password management in 2019 with the launch of LastPass Identity, a complete Identity solution combining password management and single sign on (SSO) functionality with adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA). LastPass enables businesses of all sizes to gain unified visibility and control, mitigate risk and reduce costs, all while offering employees a passwordless login experience that’s effortless to adopt.

LastPass has been recognized by several industry awards for its password management and identity solutions, providing incredible market validation for its innovation, vision, and overall industry impact. LastPass has also been named the best overall password manager by trusted industry publications and has a 4.5 average rating on the Chrome Web Store based on nearly 30,000 reviews.

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