IT Infrastructure Monitoring Made Easy

Map all network devices, monitor your IT infrastructure, and mitigate issues to reduce outages and downtime

You can download LogMeIn from these mobile app stores, or for these desktop operating systems:

Gain network-wide visibility to quickly pinpoint, troubleshoot and resolve concerns before they become problems.




The Central Monitor Agent takes only seconds to install, revealing all devices with an IP address on your network. Instantly get up/down status, and continue to deploy agents for full health details and accessibility to your devices.



View detailed device information, key health metrics and system statuses through a single, simple interface. Filter by device type and quickly identify points of failure on computers, routers, switches and printers.



Use the Central Monitor Agent to run CMD or Powershell Commands, View Web Interfaces, send HTTP Requests or Remote Control via LogMeIn*
*LogMeIn Pro or Central account needed for remote control option

How Central Monitor Works

Central Monitor is an out-of-the-box, cloud based IT Infrastructure Monitoring solution. Installing the agent on a single computer or server enables Central Monitor to pick up all devices on your network, giving you instant visibility into what’s working and what’s not. Be sure to explore our:

Why Choose Central Monitor?


Built with the SMB in mind

Our product is streamlined, designed, and validated entirely by SMB IT professionals. This means we built Central Monitor to meet the exact needs of SMB IT professionals who use it daily. Competitors in market are complex, difficult to deploy, expensive, and difficult to get onboarded. Central Monitor tackles these market barriers and disrupts this space with a simple, intuitive, and easy to use IT infrastructure monitoring solution made for SMBs.


Instant Visibility into Everything on your Network

Knowledge is power and control. Keep your mind at ease with instant visibility into everything on your network. Central Monitor picks up all devices with an IP address and reports up/down status for each device. This single pane of glass view provides instant insight into what’s working and what’s not and enables immediate identification of bottle necks and resolution of issues.


Intuitive Interface

Central Monitor is intuitive and extremely easy to use, requiring no learning curve to use or maintain the product. Central Monitor has a simple dashboard that shows only the key metrics you need so time to value is immediate. Get up to speed in minutes and have your team up and running immediately. Central Monitor is a ‘no frills’ tool and shows you everything that you need to know, and nothing that you don’t.