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If changes to the IT landscape could be summed up in one word for this year, it would be: Remote. In our latest research study, we surveyed IT and IT Security professionals at organizations ranging from 1 - 3,000 employees, across a variety of industries in the United States and Canada to reveal the massive shift in the day-to-day work of IT professionals, and the broader impact of the transition to remote work for the majority of businesses.

Please join us as we discuss the surprising new state of IT in a remote world. In the webinar you'll learn:

-How IT managers' roles have changed as they've shifted to supporting remote workforces.

-What the biggest surprises have been in terms of IT response to the pandemic.

-What the biggest challenges have been, and how IT teams have overcome them.

-Which software and technologies have become the most valuable for remote work.

-How IT roles and priorities may change when employees begin to return to the office.

Watch the free webinar today to learn how your company measures up and to gain guidance on how to best tackle remote challenges and set up your team for success.

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